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Dr. Rutger von der Horst is associated with the firm of Fredricks & von der Horst, providing services primarily in Germany and the European Union. His emphasis lies in the field of media law. This field covers the negotiations and drafting of contracts in the areas of eCommerce, web advertising, on- and offline multimedia productions, entertainment (music, film and radio), licensing and the protection of copyrights, competition law, trademarks and marketing strategies.

In the end of summer 1997, he established MAI – MedienAnwälteInternational (Media Lawyer International). This is an information pool for media lawyers organized as a network of independent law offices. This was followed in October, 1997, by the establishment of the multimedia-pool originally in Münster, Germany, set up as an institution for professionals in the field of multimedia and IT.

From 1994 until 1996, Dr. von der Horst worked as a lawyer and lobbyist for the “Deutsche Landesgruppe der IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), “Bundesverband der Phonographischen Wirtschaft” (Federation of the Phonographic Industry) and the Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechten (Society of the Utilization of Licensing Rights) in Hamburg. He was responsible for the licensing of functional music. He also represented the interests of the foundations as a lobbyist towards the legislative power and ministerial departments, especially with a focus on developing and adaptation of copyrights and media law in the on- and offline area which has become necessary due to new technologies.

During his activities for the Parliament of the European Union, in 1991 he drew up the substantial work sheet to advise the Parliament about the harmonization of international copyrights. Dr. von der Horst gained practical experience in the Anglo-American case law when he worked in a major law firm in Los Angeles in 1992.

In 1995, he finished his doctoral thesis “European Radio Law”. In the meantime, he wrote several essays and articles in the field of copyright and media law and he gave a lectures about the aspects of copyright and competition law of on- and offline multimedia productions.

Dr. von der Horst was a member of the legal committee of the “Deutscher Multimedia Verband” (German Multimedia Foundation) in Düsseldorf, of the legal committee of the “Zentrum für interactive Medien” (Centre of interactive media) in Cologne and of other foundations that are working in the field of copyright and media law.

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