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Fredricks & von der Horst is a full-service business law firm offering complete market entry services to non-US companies seeking to expand into the US market with their goods and services.  We provide the entire package of necessary legal services including

  • structuring the optimal form of business association and founding the entity
  • negotiating and drafting executive and key employee contracts,
  • filing copyright and trademark registrations,
  • securing US business visas such as the E, the L and the O visas, if needed,
  • handling commercial leases or real estate acquisitions,
  • completing licensing and technology transfers and related matters,
  • commercial debt collection and basic litigation.

General counsel

We also serve as general counsel for our clients, and in those areas that we do not personally practice, such as complex litigation or the prosecution of patents, we can refer competent legal specialists with whom we have enjoyed many years are of cooperation to the satisfaction of our clients. 

Business consultant services

On request, we provide the related management consultant services including business development strategies, trade and market analyses, personnel engagement planning, and assessment of marketing and advertising factors.  We are able to assist in recommending accountants, bankers, leasing and real estate brokers and other professional advisors and organizations.

Specialized Services

Part of our work is to assist our clients in a comfortable transition into the US market.  This includes a broad approach that puts in perspective the differences between the legal systems of the US and California and those of European and other countries outside of the US.  This is essential in the evaluation of litigation exposure; the reassessment of product liability risk; the revision of standard terms and conditions; structuring the US company for the best tax results; the collection of debts in the US; and the making of optimum compensation plans for personnel, and other considerations. 

For individual industries, such as film and television, we offer specialized input as to major differences between copyright laws and droit moral standards as well as to Directors, Screen Actors and Writers Guild requirements. We consult as to co-production practices between US and European entities and the involvement of tax incentives and national and regional film subsidies.

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