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  • Establishment of United States businesses for non-US investors, including corporate and partnership formation, agreements among shareholders and with third parties, compliance with appropriate regulations.
  • Distribution, agency and joint venture agreements. Establishment of U.S. companies in Europe. Overseas support from corresponding offices.
  • Trade arrangements. Import and export regulatory compliance. Unfair trade questions.
  • Agreements for multi-national transactions and venture capital transactions.
  • Acquisition and sale of real property. In addition to preparing and reviewing all documentation, the firm can assist the international investor in finding the proper U.S. business contact and locating appropriate objects for investment.
  • Resolution of international civil disputes, including problems regarding property rights, debt collection, international procedure problems, litigation and arbitration. For complex litigation, the firm works closely with various litigation specialists.
  • English, French, German, Hungarian, and Polish spoken.


  • Formation of California corporations, limited liability companies and general partnerships. Shareholder and operating agreements.
  • Business counseling and agreements for management, executive compensation, and employment relationships.
  • Negotiation and drafting of commercial real estate purchase and lease contracts.
  • Finance and venture capital agreements.
  • Civic, community and charitable non-profit associations.
  • Commercial debt collections.


  • Petitioning and Applying for Temporary Visas, such as Visitor Visas for Business and Pleasure, Work visas for Professional and Skilled Workers, for Trainees, for Media Representatives, for Exchange Visitors, for Intracompany Transferees, for Students, for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability, Athletes and Entertainers, and Visas for Treaty Traders and Treaty Investors
  • Changing Status from Non-Immigrant to Immigrant (Permanent Resident)
  • Consultation and processing of Permanent Residency (Green Cards) applications. This entails Employment-Based Immigrant Visas, Immigrant Visas for Alien Entrepreneurs, Family-Based Immigrant Visas, Diversity Green Cards (Lottery)


  • Production counsel services for all stages of filmmaking. Literary acquisition, packaging, development, financing and production agreements.
  • International co-production and co-financing agreements.
  • Domestic and international distribution agreements.
  • Representation of writers, directors, actors, animators, and musicians for options, publishing agreements, agents and manager contracts. Negotiation of salaries, net profit participation and credits for film, television and record deals.
  • Counsel services for all stages of on-line and off-line multimedia-production (e.g. CD-ROM, Web-sites), employment and licensing agreements.
  • Litigation
    o Rightsholders / producers claims for distributors disbursements.
    o Infringement of artists' copyrights.
    o Enforcement of contractual obligations.

Probate and trust administration

  • Full probate, estate attorney services
  • Trust administration counsel
  • Small estate administration
  • Non-probate transfers
  • Representation of administrators and executors, trustees, beneficiaries


  • Preparation of wills (simple & complex),
  • Guidance and assistance with inter vivos ("living") trusts or testamentary trusts,
  • Marital deduction trusts,
  • Revocable and Irrevocable trusts,
  • Charitable trusts,
  • Powers of Attorney,
  • Advance health care directives.


  • Representation of collectors and sellers of objects of art, both vintage works and contemporary painters. Transactions for authentication, exhibition, publication, purchase or sale.
  • Painters, designers and graphic artists
  • Authors and screenwriters


  • Full service representation in dispute resolution through the judicial system or through alternatives to court - arbitration and mediation.
  • Complex and simple litigation services available in all areas of domestic and international business disputes; labor and employment issues; and film, music and new media conflicts resolution.
  • Commercial debt resolution for bulk or individual accounts. Support counsel to commercial credit agencies in California and in several European states with unresolved debtor disputes in the Western United States.


  • Referred or retained by other law firms, including U.S. or European-based national and international firms, for legal services involving litigation or transactional support with European courts and governmental agencies, European counsel coordination, and compliance with law and procedure in the European Union or its individual territories.
  • Interpretation and processing of European legal documents with practice and practical sensitivity to augment language competency.


We look forward to being of assistance to you and to those you serve.

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